Ken Martin Lighting Design (KMLD) ​*​A Division of Copper Expressions*, is a Landscape Lighting Design/installation firm servicing clients within and outside North America. Landscape lighting offers an incredible expansion of the enjoyment of both residential and commercial properties. It makes outdoor spaces usable at night and adds a magical view into the landscape from interior spaces.

Ken Martin, the principle designer, brings passion and experience to his landscape lighting designs for his clients. “Every system that I design and install is a potential sales lead, as most of my lighting projects are done by referral”. Ken offers an artistic approach with his designs and provides function, aesthetics and composition, which are all important components of a professional landscape lighting system. Although specializing in estate lighting, Ken has designed and installed professional landscape lighting systems on commercial properties and small residential oases. Lighting can add not only beauty and elegance to a home, it can offer safety and security that allows maximum use of spaces, and it can accentuate architectural and landscaping features, which can often be a large investment for homeowners.

“Ken creates an emotional response for all of his clients and ultimately this extensively helps homeowners achieve their main desire, to extend and utilize their outdoor spaces in the evening”.

Ken Martin
​​​​​​Principle Designer
" A well-executed lighting design will provide an emotional response "